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$90,000 reward for anyone with information about Zainab’s killer

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It may have sparked an outrage in Pakistan and world wide on social media with the #JusticeForZainab, those who abused and murdered Zainab are still at large. Zainab’s dead body was found in a rubbish dump four days after she was declared missing. Her father, Ameen Ansari, told BBC that as far as he is concerned, “It’s like the world has ended.”

Zainab Ansari

Zainab was räped and strangled. A post-mortem report shows that Zainab was brutally assaulted as there were injuries on her body and face. She is also said to have had fractured bone in her neck.

Protesters set cars and a government office on fire in Pakistan in a second day of riots because they want police to do more to stop violence against children.

Two of the protesters reportedly lost their lives in the protest. Meanwhile, police have taken DNA samples from almost 100 possible suspects and investigation is still going on.

According to the Express Tribune, the provincial Punjab government has announced a 10 million rupee ($90,000) reward for anyone who helps police find and arrest Zainab’s killer.

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