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A thorough look at the 2016 U.S election

Hillary Clinton got more votes than President Donald Trump in the 2016 U.S presidential election, so she won the popular vote. However, she could not win the presidency because Electoral College System was used.

A thorough look at the U.S election

A look at the U.S election

The question remains – Who can really make America great again?

After an anonymous whistleblower filed a complaint with the intelligence community inspector general about President Donald Trump’s conduct, Trump surprisingly admitted that he told Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, that the U.S. would withhold $250 million in military aid for Ukraine because of corruption. It was later revealed that almost $400 million military aid to Ukraine (which has been approved by Congress) was withheld because Trump wanted the President of Ukraine to investigate his political opponent, Joe Biden, and his son Hunter Biden. This led to the House Speaker opening an impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

The impeachment proceeding was held within closed door but the chairman has said that an open hearing would take place as soon as they were done with the closed-door hearing. It got to a stage that dozens of House Republican lawmakers stormed the secure facility inside the closed-door hearing where impeachment investigators were deposing witnesses.

Republicans insisted that the transcripts of the closed-door hearing should be released. Now that the transcripts have been released, Lindsey Graham, a senior United States Senator from South Carolina said he was not going to read it. Meanwhile, Lindsay still maintains that the president had never threatened to withhold the aid as leverage to secure political favors.

After the house passed the impeachment resolution, the impeachment inquiry becomes official at least to the Republicans who refused to recognize it as a legal one, although House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has maintained that the House does not need any vote to investigate any issue that is within its jurisdiction.

Trump may have closed the impeachment case on Twitter, his action did not stop Democrats from pushing forward with their impeachment agenda.

Fact is just like Bill Clinton, while Donald Trump will face impeachment trial, he may never be impeached because Republicans are presently partisan regarding this issue, and they will vote to oppose the impeachment in the senate.

Congressman who leaked Trump’s secret decided to resign as the pressure was too much for him to bear. Even Vice President Mike Pence is scared to talk about the impeachment. Former Trump adviser Bolton threatened to sue if subpoenaed to testify in impeachment probe: committee. Bolton had been asked to appear for testimony behind closed doors, but failed to appear.

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  • Ahmed says:

    Donald Trump should be impeached. For a start, he promised building the wall and said that Mexico would pay for it. How can one promise to build a wall and say that another country would pay for it? But Americans foolishly believed him and voted for him.

  • Ahmed says:

    Ex-President Obama signed a treaty which forbids Iran developing nuclear weapon. The good for nothing Trump withdrew from the treaty calling it a bad deal. Now Iran has started developing nuclear weapons. Enough said!

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