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Who is the best musician in Nigeria

Have you ever wondered Who the best musician in Nigeria is? With his song titled ‘FALL’, it is now official that Davido has become the first Nigerian artist to hit 100 million views on YouTube. Most people were expecting Yemi Alade’s “Johnny” to be the first to make it to 100 million, but unfortunately, it got stucked at 97+ million for a very long time. Thereby paving way for Davido’s ‘Fall’ to grasp the honor.

PSquare, one of the most famous Nigerian Musicians lost a lot of fans worldwide after breaking up for the third time. According to one online user, the old PSquare now separately known a Mr P and Rudeboy, can “no longer kill a rat” because they no longer get millions of views as they used to do collectively as one group.


The Naija (Nigeria) music-video playlist below is selected by Happy Daddy. The selection is being updated (with new hits added) regularly. Have Fun!

If there is any good Naija music you would like to have on the list, please send it (title and artist name) to me through any of my secretaries here: http://www.161718.info/contact.html




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