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Bill Clinton caught kissing another woman

Bill Clinton, the former US President, was caught passionately kissing another woman during a recent rally for his wife’s campaign. Actually, one would expect that Bill can only smooch and kiss his wife, Hillary, like this in the public, but there he goes doing it with another woman and got caught on camera.

Bill Clinton caught kissing another woman

Bill Clinton caught kissing another woman

Meanwhile, neither Bill nor Hillary is yet to say anything about this photo that has gone viral on the internet. This will be the last thing any of them would like to talk about now as it may go a long way to damage Hillary’s chance of winning the presidential election.

No doubt, this picture reminds one of the intimate relationship between ex-president Bill Clinton and the former white house employer, Monica Lewinski.

Radaronline revealed that when Clinton was a president, Troopers Larry Patterson and Roger Perry said their “official” duties included “facilitating Clinton’s cheating on his wife,” a source said, and “they were instructed by Clinton on a regular basis to approach women and solicit their telephone numbers.”

Patterson claimed that the Clintons have an “open marriage.” If that is actually the case, Bill should not be blamed for having interest in other women.

However, as a popular figure, it is advisable for him to keep it confidential. But again, why is it that his wife, Hillary has never involved herself in such activities with any man in the public.

For now, we keep our fingers crossed while we wait to hear what Donald Trump is going to say about this issue as the story escalates and the struggle for the white house goes into the next round.

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