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Coronavirus latest update

This article will be updated from time to time. Coronavirus which causes deadly respiratory infections has been dubbed COVID-19, and is said to have originated from Wuhan in China. Over 16 million people have been infected worldwide, and over 650,000 people have died from the COVID-19 pandemic. Millions are under lockdown as the deadly coronavirus sweeps across the world.

President Trump has claimed that he has proof that COVID-19 originated from a Chinese lab. Unfortunately, he said he is not allowed to disclose the proof to the public. The White House has told government health officials and scientists not to say anything about the coronavirus without approval from Vice President Mike Pence’s office. Many countries have reported infections among their citizens but the U.S and some European countries have been mostly hit by the virus

Coronavirus virus update

The countries with the highest numbers of deaths are as follows: The U.S has reported over 149,000 deaths. Brazil reported over 86,000 deaths. The U.K reported over 45,000 deaths. Italy reported over 35,000 deaths. India reported over 30,000 deaths. France reported over 30,000 deaths. Spain reported over 28,000 deaths.

According to health officials, the theory that coronavirus was transferred from animal to human beings has been debunked and proven to be fake and untrue. It was a fake theory which was formed by the Chinese to prove that they are innocent regarding the origin of coronavirus. This theory was debunked because if it was true, animals would have been passing it to each other and lots of dead animals would have been seen on the streets all over the world.

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As countries continue to take measures to combat the outbreak, most countries have closed their schools. Saudi Arabia has barred pilgrims from visiting Mecca and Medina. Most giant airlines have stopped flying to China. Mongolia has blocked its borders with China. Iran has canceled Friday Prayers in major cities.

People who have been infected but recovered from COVID-19 in China and the U.K have been urged to donate blood plasma, in the hope that their antibodies can be used to treat sick patients. 

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