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Coronavirus virus update

This article will be updated from time to time. Coronavirus causes deadly respiratory infections. Coronavirus has killed over 90 people in China. US State Department has issued the so-called ‘Do not travel’ advisory for Wuhan due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in Wuhan, China. At least over 2,000 people in the world’s most populous country have been sickened by the deadly coronavirus and millions are under lockdown as the coronavirus sweeps across the country.

Coronavirus virus update

Coronavirus virus update

Public transpiration has been halted for over 36 million people in 13 cities in central China, including Wuhan, where the virus was first detected in December 2019. Other events which are tied to the Lunar New Year celebration have also been canceled to avoid the rapid spread of the coronavirus.

Three people have been affected in France and four in Japan. In the meantime, Mongolia has closed its border with China..

According to health officials, coronavirus has afflicted 2 people in the United States. The second case applies to a Chicago woman who returned from Wuhan on Jan. 13 and began experiencing symptoms a few days after arriving home.

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