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Female teacher pregnant for 13-year-old student

As more female teachers continue to get involved in love relationships with their teen students, a female teacher, Alexandria Vera, is now pregnant with her 13-year-old student’s child. Criminal charges have been filed in Houston, Texas, against the 24-year-old middle school English teacher who was engaged in an intimate relationship with one of her 13-year-old students.

Alexandria Vera

Alexandria Vera, pregnant for her 13-year-old student

The teacher who is believed by many to be very beautiful based on her Facebook photo, is in a position to enter into a relationship with a man of her own age without any problem, but she chose to start having affair with her 13-yr-old student until she eventually got pregnant.

Recently, another female (51) had affair with her teen student.

According to police, Vera acknowledged having a love relationship with the student, telling them the two began getting intimate last September after she fell in love with him.

Vera allegedly told investigators she’d first met the student when he tried connecting with her via Instagram, which she initially ignored. Then, when he failed to show for classes, Vera allegedly sent a message to the boy, who responded by asking for her phone number. She gave her phone number and that’s how they got started with the relationship.

Police claim that Vera told them the student asked if they could meet up and she agreed. Court records indicate Vera told detectives she drove to the student’s house to pick him up. Thereafter, the two kissed in her car.

Here is a list and photos of female teachers who recently made love with their teen students.

Police say Vera told them that when she met with the boy’s parents in October, he introduced her as his girlfriend. The parents approve of their relationship and are also happy about the pregnancy. The boy’s parents were aware of the relationship, and were so approving of the union that they let their child spend nights at her house. Even if Vera’s claims are true, can the boy’s parents save Very from the arm of the law?

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