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Female teacher who slept with student fined $1M

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This will serve as a lesson to female teachers who are interested in sleeping with their teenage students. Jennifer Caswell, a female teacher who slept with her teenage student has been ordered to pay him the sum of 1 Million Dollars.

Female teacher who slept with student fined $1M

Jennifer Caswell slept with her student

Jennifer was an English teacher at Hollis Middle School. She started sleeping with the student in April 2014 when he was just 14-yr-old.

The boy testified at his civil bench trial that he and his teacher made love about 11 times.

In his ruling, Judge Robin Cauthron said that the publicity or exposure of the illicit affair has derailed the young boy’s life, as he went from being happy to falling into a deep depression.

“The court finds the victim has shown severe emotional distress and psychological damage that no young person could be expected to endure.” “He has lost the companionship of friends, his basketball dreams, and has suffered a great amount of stigma in a small town where he went from a well-known high school basketball star to the topic of derogatory discussion and blame for a large part of the community.”

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Jennifer pleaded guilty and said that she made a stupid decision and she don’t like people to have a bad image of her because she is a totally different person.

According to NewsOK, Jennifer was sentenced to 10 years in prison, following a television appearance on the “Dr. Phil” talk show to discuss her illicit relationship with the boy. The boy’s family released a statement saying:

The boy’s family released a statement through their attorney, Bob Wyatt, saying: “We are pleased that the judge considered the outrageous behavior of the teacher and are pleased with the fact that the judge sent a message to teachers and schools across the state of Oklahoma that sexual abuse of a child by a teacher will not be condoned.”

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