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Fox News host ends interview because her guest praises Biden

A die-hard Trump supporter, Fox News host Jeanine Pirro angrily ends interview immediately after David Leopold, a prominent immigration attorney who was her guest says Joe Biden is making America great again.

“Because the Democrats came into power. President Biden kept his promise. He’s putting COVID relief out there. He’s making America better. He’s making America great again.” Said Leopold.


Pirro claimed Leopold was lying and said that she don’t tolerate lies on her shoes. In a Tweet video which has now gone viral, Pirro angrily replied: 
”He is bringing COVID into this country after Americans weren’t allowed to go to work, go to church, or visit families, or go to funerals,” she said. “And now he’s bringing in a whole pandemic during a pandemic. David Leopold, thanks for being here, and thanks for nothing.”

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