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Girl put outside for not drinking milk is still missing

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Police say they are still searching for Sherin Mathews, a 3-yr-old girl who disappeared after she was left outside of her home in Richardson, Dallas, in the night around 3 a.m by her father, as a punishment for not drinking her milk.

Sherin Mathews is still missing

Sherin Mathews is still missing

Now that she has disappeared, her father who has been identified as Wesley Mathews has realized his mistake and is asking the authority to please help him find his daughter.

The father told the police that he ordered the little girl to stand outside by a tree and he returned to check on her 15 minutes later but found her gone. The police are wondering why the girl’s father decided to call the police at 8 a.m. which is five hours after he last saw his daughter.

Mathews was arrested on charge of abandoning and endangering a child but he was later released on $250,000 bond. Authorities are trying to figure out what actually happened to the child who reportedly has developmental issues and limited verbal communication skills. Why is it that she was punished at 3 a.m?

The mother who is a co-adoptive parent had not been charged with a crime.

However, footage from surveillance cameras in the area are being reviewed by the police. Meanwhile, Sherin Mathews has been listed on ‘missingkids.org’ and anyone with information on the child’s whereabouts is urged to contact police at 972-744-4800.

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