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How Asian American woman reacted to racial slur

A woman almost hit an Asian-American woman with a car and instead of apologizing, she yelled at her as she drove away, “This is America”. The Asian-American known as Nydia Han then took to Facebook to respond to the woman. She wrote: “This is a response to the driver who almost ran me over this weekend – and then dared to yell out her window, “This is America.” Thereafter in a 4 minute video which she posted online, she said:

How Asian American woman, Nydia Han, reacted to racial slur

How Asian American reacted to racial slur

“I know America in ways that you probably don’t and never will. I have seen Americans suffer and grieve. I have seen Americans rejoice and show resilience and recover. I have seen America at its best and at its worst, so I know‘this is America’ ― you do not have to tell me that.” She continues “Lady, I have been an American journalist for 24 years.”

“I am Asian-American and I am strong and I am proud and I am speaking out against you today. Do not ever, ever see a face like this and make a mistake that it does not belong to America. …I am an American journalist, I have built my career on trying to help people, on trying to give people a voice. …It is people like us, it is Americans like us who make this country strong and who make this country exceptional.”

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“Did you think that this face would not stand up against you? Against racism? And against ignorance? Well, you were wrong,” Han says. “I am Asian-American. I am strong, I am proud and I am speaking out against you today.”

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