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How Trump’s infidelity is affecting his wife Melania Trump

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Shortly after the inauguration, the First Lady, Melania Trump, refused to hold hands with President Trump due to reasons best known to her. Now, she is trying to figure out how to deal with her husband’s affair. Despite the fact that Melania’s office had already announced that she would be in Davos to assist her husband, she abruptly decided to stay in Washington due to the revelation in Wall Street Journal, that her husband cheated on her with Stormy Daniels, who happens to earn her living by making love with others.

Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels

It was further disclosed that just weeks before election day, Donald Trump paid Stormy the sum of $130,000 for her to keep quiet about her decade-ago relationship with him. The payment was made by Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, who set up a shell corporation to pay Stormy. As regards Melania not going to Davos with Trump, her office has now told journalist that she could not go to Davos to support her husband due to “scheduling and logistical reasons.”

While Stormy may have denied that anything happened in a letter released by Trump’s lawyer on Jan. 10, she has now given a full interview to In Touch and in the interview, she confirmed the fact that Donald Trump actually cheated on Melania with her. She took a polygraph test which she passed during the interview. According to In Touch, the account of her meeting with Trump was corroborated by one of her good friends and supported by her ex-husband, both of whom also passed polygraph tests.

Stormy Daniels also said that she can describe Trump’s JUNK perfectly. For now, Melania is definitely not ready to attend any public event with the President. It is being speculated that she is weighing divorcing Trump as an option.

It seems as if a U.S President like Barack Obama who had no scandalous record in his dealings with women while he was a President is now hard to come by in the U.S. Recently, Fmr President Bill Clinton scandal with Monica Lewinsky surfaced in the news again.

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