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Indonesian villagers worship a mere doll

This is a very funny news. A fisherman named Pardin from Sulawesi in central Indonesia made an interesting discovery on one of his fishing trips. He found a s€x dolly in the river and did not recognize it to be a s€x toy which is sometimes used by men to have fun.

Indonesian villagers worship a mere doll

Indonesian villagers worship a mere doll

He actually thought it was a river goddess which in Indonesia, the most populous Muslim country, is a divine gift from heaven. He thought the doll was a goddess because it was in the shape of a small white woman. So, they named it “The Fallen Angel”

Pardin took the partially inflated doll to his home in Kalupapi village, where it was treated with great reverence. In fact, it was worshiped by the locals. The breasts and the holes between the legs of the dolly convinced his family members that it was actually a mysterious divine goddess in form of a woman.

His mother reportedly gave the so-called ‘divine angel’ a fresh change of clothes and new Muslim headscarf to wear every day. For them, they just found a new relationship with a beautiful goddess.

The photo on this page shows the dolly sitting up on a chair and accompanying locals on a boat trip. This is because they believe the divine goddess will accompany them and bring them luck wherever they go. Therefore they often had it with them.

The superstitious villagers believed that the newly found goddess had something to do with a solar eclipse which recently swept across their village. News quickly spread across the village that the goddess responsible for the solar eclipse has been discovered and that she was crying when she was found by one fisherman.

Indonesian villagers worship a mere doll

Indonesian villagers worship a mere doll

As the news about the newly found godess spread across the village, the police became interested and decided to investigate the case before it leads to any unnecessary unrest.

Upon discovery that it was a mare dolly, the police decided to inform the villagers that it was a mare s€x toy and that the villagers had no clue what it was because they have never seen such a thing before, as they have no access to internet or news media that could have enlightened them on such materials. In the words of the police chief Heru Pramukarno:

“We were hearing many stories, such as that the “fallen angel” was crying when she was discovered. When our officers arrived they saw that the “fallen angel” was just a doll, it was a s€x toy.’ … ‘They have no Internet, they don’t know what a s€x toy is.”

The said doll was later confiscated by the police who then reportedly destroyed it.

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