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ISIS selling women as slaves online

Slave trade may be over, but ISIS fighters are reportedly selling women as s€x slaves (referred to as sabiyah) online in social media outlets.

ISIS selling women as slaves online

Slave offered for sale on Facebook

The photo of 18-yr-old girl who was to be sold as slave was placed on Facebook and the caption mentions a single biographical fact: She is for sale.

The message reads further: “To all the bros thinking about buying a slave, this one is $8,000”. The Facebook profile was attributed to an Islamic State fighter who calls himself Abu Assad Almani.

Few hours later, Assad Almani posted a second image of another sabiyah who has a pale young face with weepy red eyes. He wrote on the second girl’s advert: “Another sabiyah so about $8,000, … “Yay, or nay?”

As soon as the news got to Facebook management, quick action was taken as Facebook does not tolerate the use of its social media for such wrongdoings. Therefore the said photos were taken down by Facebook within few hours.

The group which spread across Iraq and Syria has taken to the sale of sabiyah to reimburse themselves financially because of the serious losses they have suffered from American bombardment.

The United Nations envoy on violence has detailed how Islamic State militants are selling teenage girls into slavery and inflicting horrific s€xual violence on female abductees.

According to Un envoy, Zainab Bangura, in some cases in the past, teenage girls were sold in IS militant slave markets for “as little as a pack of cigarettes,”. The group continues to run this slave trade as they abduct more women and girls in the territory they take over, she explained.

Zainab Bangura got this information when she met with women and girls in who had escaped from areas controlled by the insurgent group. The group reportedly uses abducted women to attract young male foreign fighters who make up a significant portion of its forces.

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