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Kim Kardashian kidnapped in France

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Was Kim Kardashian really kidnapped in Paris? The fact that Kim Kardashian is very active on all social media platforms relatively makes it very easy to keep track of her movements in real time. Kim was allegedly robbed in her hotel room. The so-called hotel is popularly known as “No Address Hotel”. Kim was in the French capital for fashion week.

Kim Kardashian kidnapped in France

Kim Kardashian kidnapped in France

According to France newspapers, five people dressed as law enforcement officers allegedly traced Kim to where she was staying in Paris, got access to her room, tied her up, placed her in the bathtub and locked her up in the bathroom. The men made away with $10 million worth of jewelry.

It was further revealed that the five men were masked and spoke to her in French. The question is being asked on social media as to where her bodyguard, Pascal Duvier, was at the time of the robbery.

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It has been revealed that her bodyguard was not with her when she was robbed. The incident happened after Pascal and the driver dropped Kim off at her apartment through the garage and Pascal went back out with Kourtney Kardashian, who met up with their sister, Kendall Jenner.

Most people are not buying this story and they believe it did not happen at all. The question is why would Kim Kardashian make up such a story? According to some online comments, she did it in order to gain more popularity.

“This has got to be an insurance scam/ fraud thing. The armed guys just happened to find her in the “no address hotel” at the exact time that Kanye was performing (why wasn’t she at the show???), and it also just so happened to be the one time that her personal security was away? Oh and she just so happened to be traveling with $10+ million dollars worth of jewelry? This is a Scam, Fraud, Publicity Stunt (not that they need any more publicity), but this.”

This is not the first time Kim is lodging in the said hotel. Kim told the police that although the men spoke only French, she could hear them shouting “ring, ring.” because there were obviously looking for the massive $5 million diamond ring which her husband, Kanye West, recently gave her. She showed off the ring on social media few days before the robbery incident.

At the time of the robbery, rapper Kanye West, Kim’s husband was performing a gig in Queens, New York. He abruptly walked off stage after telling the audience he had a family emergency. In his own words: “I’m sorry, family emergency I have to stop the show.”

QUESTION: In your opinion, do you think this story is true or false?

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  • Jef says:

    I don’t buy this idea that Kim Kardashian was robbed. This is 100% publicity stunt. Kim is ready to do everything to remain relevant in the news.

  • Melly says:

    They planned it to coincide with when Kanye West was playing on stage so he could suddenly stop the show and people can have a lot to talk about.

  • The good one says:

    First it was reported that the robbers were masked and then it was reported that they were dressed as policemen. Now they are also also told people magazine that the robbers posed as paparazzis.

  • Emils George says:

    Now this woman keeps changing the story, maybe someone will believe at least one version. I hope the insurance company finds evidence of this scam and throws her behind bar for fraud.

  • Wiggle says:

    There was no robbery. You can see straight through this B.S. Kim flashes a four million dollar ring all week long making sure everybody sees her wearing it. Weather it was real or cubic zircon is another question

  • Michael says:

    This story is completely fabricated and I wonder what they are going to come up with next time just to stay in the news.

  • Anna says:

    Kim was supposedly locked in the bathroom and she had no access to any phone in the bathroom. So how did she get out. Also I read that she ran to the balcony, how do you run with your legs taped together???

  • Helen says:

    It is so surprising that in such a popular hotel where celebrities normally lodge, this time around, there is no surveillance camera at least to capture those men entering the compound. Hopefully, the lies would be blown up very soon.

  • Anonymous says:

    This publicity she is looking for by all means will lead her into what she does not expect.
    Why would Kim Kardashian be going about with jewelries worth 10 million dollars? The public is not stupid to figure out that this is a fictitious story.

  • Cally says:

    This woman should just go into hiding. What is just most astounding is her sheer ignorance and vulgarity, in this day and age, when so many people are struggling just to get by. How can someone on social media 24/7 have so little self awareness, and so little regard for what goes on in the world?

  • David says:

    I don’t normally like comment on these foolish celebrities articles but this has gone too far. It has been proved that she Kim Kardashian lied because there was no robbery incident in the said hotel. It was all fabricated to gain popularity and the people of France are now very furious at her.

  • Fredosco says:

    I read that the hotel management wished they never allowed Kim to lodge in their hotel because they’ve checked their surveillance camera and there was no atom of any 5 men disguised as policemen entering the hotel from the previous day to the time she speculated.

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