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Latest info on the woman who fled Saudi Arabia

Latest info on the woman who fled Saudi Arabia – Rahaf M. al-Qunun, the 18-yr-old Saudi woman who fled from Saudi Arabia, is now free to wear trousers and she is no longer obliged to cover her hairs in public. See short summary of her story.

Rahaf M. al-Qunun

Rahaf M. al-Qunun

In Saudi Arabia, a woman lives under a restrictive male guardianship system that requires basic activities like travel abroad, marriage, and employment to be approved by a male relative. Guardians are frequently in control of a woman’s finances and that makes it difficult for women to rent an apartment, get a job or enroll in schools without their guardian’s permission.

The United Nations Human Rights Commission quickly processed al-Qunun’s application and found her to be a genuine refugee. Her case has been referred to Australia, where she hopes to resettle. The chance remains that the Australian government will consider her case, but is likely to grant her a humanitarian visa.

Al-Qunun used social media to raise awareness about her case when she barricaded herself in her hotel room and live-tweeted her situation and updates. See a short summary of her story.

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