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Latest on Jerusalem truck attack

Terrorist activities are making headlines on monthly bases. The terrorists have changed their method of attacks because it is now extremely difficult for them to operate in groups. They have now resorted to carrying out lone-attacks on innocent people.

Latest on Jerusalem truck attack

Jerusalem truck attack

Prominent among their new methods of attack is the hijacking of lorry or trucks which are then being driven into crowds of people. This was seen in France truck attack which killed almost 100 people and injured more than 100 others, Berlin truck attack which took place last month in Germany and killed 12 people, injuring almost 50 others.

Now, a truck attack has just taken place in Jerusalem, Israel, and four people are believed to have been killed (three men and one woman) and 13 others seriously wounded after a Truck rammed a group of people. Police said the driver veered off the road into a group of soldiers. Israel’s police chief, Roni Alsheich, said the assailant in this attack was a Palestinian from East Jerusalem.

Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyaho has vowed that “Those who incite and those who support terrorism must pay a heavy price”.

According to BBC, Before this latest incident, 35 Israelis had been killed in a wave of knife, gun and car-ramming attacks by Palestinians or Israeli Arabs since October 2015. medics say all four killed were in their twenties. Eyewitness reports which was posted by BBC on Twitter can be seen below.

It is very difficult to stop or prevent these lone-attackers because they can hardly be monitored. However, unlike group attackers, the lone ones do not have the ability to carry out attacks of high magnitude that are capable of killing thousands of people.


Berlin truck attack

France truck attack

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