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Latest on Turkey nightclub attack

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An attacker stormed a nightclub in Turkey and started shooting randomly at people celebrating the new year. 39 people were killed inside the Reina nightclub and lots of others seriously wounded. The attacker was caught on camera pointing his gun as he approached the club. About 600 people were believed to be inside the club as the attack took place.

Latest on Turkey nightclub attack

Turkey nightclub attack

Police in Turkey have published the image of the attacker and the public has been asked to provide any information that can lead to the arrest of the gunman.

As regard how far the police have gone in their investigation, police spokesman, Mr Kurtulmus told reporters:
“The next step will be to try to identify him as quickly as we can. We hope we will not only find the terrorist but also his connections and those people who gave him support inside and outside the club,”

Meanwhile, ISIS has taken responsibility for the nightclub attack. This reminds us of the recent Berlin Truck Attack in which a man rammed a large truck into a christmas marked, thereby killing 12 people and injuring almost 50 others.

The attacker who is presently being sought by the police reportedly changed his clothes inside the club before escaping, leaving a weapon behind. This made it possible for the police to quickly grasp his fingerprints in order to identify him. It appears Turkey is a big target for the terrorist despite the fact that it is a muslim country. Last year, Turkey witnessed a big terrorist attack in one of it’s airports.

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