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Live-in nanny had a child for 11-yr-old boy

Marissa Mowry, a nanny in Florida, U.S, who was pregnant for 11-yr-old boy got sentenced to 20 years in prison after she delivered a baby for the boy. In other words, Marissa was his live-in nanny and gave birth to his son. Tampa Bay Times reported that the victim, now 17 and a father, sat in court as the sentence was read. According to prosecutors, the boy was 11 and Mowry was 22 when the abuse began and she did it with him at least 15 times over several months before she got pregnant.

Live-in Nanny had a child for 11-yr-old boy

According to PEOPLE, the issue came to light after 3 years when the boy finally had the courage to tell his mother what happened and authorities were informed. A DNA test that was conducted by the police later confirmed that the boy was the father of the nanny’s child.

Journal News reported that Hillsborough Circuit Judge, Laura Ward, designated her a predator which means when Mowry is freed, she will spend the rest of her life adhering to a series of strict conditions.

There was no need for any witnesses to testify as Marissa, who was homeless for a time and earned her high school diploma while in jail, pleaded guilty. Nadean Campbell, the mother of the boy said a troubled past was no excuse for the damage Mowry caused, for changing the course of her son’s entire life. The 17-year-old now takes his son to school in the morning and goes to school himself. He plays with him in their backyard when he gets home.

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