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Make America Great again caps were made outside U.S.A

Scandal as report reveals that Make America Great again caps were made with cheap labourers outside U.S.A. In his inaugural speech, president Donald Trump specifically asked Americans to live by two simple rules in order to make America great again and the rules according to him are “Buy American and hire American.” In his own words:

Make America Great again caps were made outside U.S.A

Make America Great again caps were made outside U.S.A

“We will get our people off of welfare and back to work, rebuilding our country with American hands and American labor. We will follow two simple rules: Buy American and hire American.”

New York post reports that Trump supporters were horrified to learn that their hats weren’t made in U.S.

“Many of those supporters were sporting Trump’s trademark red ‘Make America Great Again’ baseball caps that were made in China, Vietnam and Bangladesh.” the post noted.

The ones made in China (with cheap labourers) are being sold at the rate of $20 while the ones made in the United States cost between $25 and $30, according to the label inside those caps.

To prevent the public from uncovering this wrong attitude, Trump’s camp made sure the caps that were sold through Trump’s official campaign website were the ones made in America.

The “Make America Great Agein” caps that were made in China, Vietnam and Bangladesh were mostly sold by street vendors primarily in Washington and other areas in the United States.

This raises the question whether President Trump should be trusted or not. In day one of his presidency, he revamped the white house official website to promote his wife’s jewelry lines.

Internet comment from a user who goes by the name Farley reads “And all the Make America Great hats and other memorabilia sold at the inauguration was made in China, while he was simultaneously saying Make American, Buy American. Another example of his hypocrisy.”

NYP reports that a woman called Young (28) who had traveled from Texas to watch the inauguration was asked where her pink color “Make America Great Again” hat was made. Young replied:

“I don’t know where it was made actually,” …“Let me check.” She took off the hat to check the label. “Oh no,” she cried. “It’s made in Vietnam!”.

What did Trump really mean when he said “Buy American and hire American.” and he is doing exactly the opposite?

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