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Mother and son want to marry

A mother who gave up her son for adoption over 30 years ago now wants to have a baby with him after they reunited and fell in love.

Mother and son want to marry

Mother and son want to marry

New Day reports that Kim West, 51, was forced to give up her biological son, Ben Ford for adoption just a week after he was born.

Somehow along the line, Ben was able to figure out who his real biological mother is and he decided to send her a letter.

Anyway, after Ben, who was living in the United States of America, suddenly sent his England-born mum a letter in 2013, the pair began forming an unusual mother-son bond and all of a sudden, they fell in love as if they they were no more of the same family.

However, they not claiming that they are no longer related to each other. They maintain the fact that they are still “mother and son” but that they fell in love with each other and they want to have a baby together. Does it mean that incest should now be legalized?

In fact, according to New Day, the duo have been dating and making love with each other for the past two years and they have now decided to make their relationship known to the public.

It got more strange when it was revealed that Ben Ford was married but he decided to leave his wife, Victoria, to start a love relationship with his mother. OMG! What is your take on this?

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We all know that this is so unusual but nevertheless, West said in the New Day story that she is undeterred by stigma. In her own words:

“I know people will say we’re disgusting, that we should be able to control our feelings,” she said, according to the New Day. “But when you’re hit by a love so consuming you are willing to give up everything for it, you have to fight for it.”

This is not the first time that family members are involved in love-relationships with each other. See the photo of a teenage girl who was impregnated by her 36-year-old father who constantly made love with her and she had a baby for him.

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