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Multiple bombings rock Baghdad killing over 35

Bomb explosion is no longer a new thing in Baghdad. In fact, it is being considered or seen as “the order of the day”. Recently a suicide bombing at a market in Baghdad killed 28 people and lots of others were injured.

Multiple bombings rock Baghdad killing over 35

Bombings in Baghdad

According to Iraqi police, at least 35 people were reportedly killed in a suicide car bomb attack in a busy square in Iraq’s capital, Baghdad.

Sixty-one other people were also seriously injured by the blast in the same predominantly Shia Muslim area. The Shia are being targeted by ISIS, hence the series of bomb attacks in the eastern district of Sadr City which is largely occupied by the Shia. ISIS regards the Shia as apostates.

Three other people were killed when another car bomb later exploded a car park which is very close to Al-Kindi hospital.

The jihadist group Islamic State said it carried out both attacks, targeting a “gathering of Shia” in the first.

There has been no peace in Iraq since the death of ex-president Saddam Hussain. The dreaded terrorist group, ISIS, occupies part of Iraq and Syria.

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