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Nigeria to be visa-free to 8 new countries

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Nigeria to be visa-free to 8 new countries – The Nigerian Government is set to sign a pact that will grant all Nigerians entry to eight new countries without requiring a visa. This will automatically move Nigeria’s position upwards on the World’s Most Powerful Passports List.

Nigeria to be visa-free to 8 new countries

Nigeria, shown in map of Africa

This was announced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama, who says plans have been concluded to sign visa-free pacts with eight countries in order to promote economic partnership on the continent.

Nigeria is presently visa-free to 44 countries, most of which are African countries. However, as at the time of this report, the names of the new eight countries have not been disclosed. As soon as the names are released, this article will be updated. You may wish to bookmark this page so you can check back regularly for more info.

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According to Onyeama:

“Africa is the centrepiece of our foreign policy but it is a paradox that as a Nigerian, you cannot go to an African country without a visa, unlike what is obtainable in Western Europe.”

“To address this as a leader in the continent, the country is at a point of introducing an initiative to promote African trade as part of the country’s foreign policy of Africa as the centrepiece.”

The Foreign Affairs Minister of the giant of Africa further elaborated on the fact that Nigeria intends to sign a visa-free pact with many other countries but they want to start with just eight countries for now.

“We want to start with about eight countries or see if they come up as a group of eight countries. At the presidential level, they agreed to that, and signed up to free movement.

“If we can achieve that within a year, then other countries may want to join and we believe this is a better way to go than institutional ECOWAS etc, as countries take so long to ratify agreements.

“We believe we can just start off, eight countries and they agree among themselves, then others will come in.”

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