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Racism at it’s highest peak in USA

You may have been asking yourself the question, “what did George Floyd do?” George Floyd (46), a bouncer who lost his job due to the outbreak of coronavirus, reportedly passed a bogus $20 bill at a deli after buying groceries. This was followed by a routine police call by the workers in the shop. While calling the police, little did they know that their action was going to force a divided nation into a bitter self-reckoning. The U.S has become a heavily divided nation since President Trump came to power and keeps pursuing his agenda of dividing the citizens instead of uniting them. Even The House has deemed Trump’s comments as “racist.”

George Floyd

Surveillance footage from a nearby restaurant shows police arriving shortly and approaching a black minivan where Floyd is sitting with two other people. Moments later, Floyd is seen, hands cuffed behind his back, being led to the side of a building by the two cops. Floyd appears to be speaking to the officers but does not appear to resist.

A second police vehicle arrives as Floyd is escorted across the street to a waiting patrol car. One surveillance video from across the street shows Floyd being brought to the ground by the two officers who lead him to the waiting squad car.

Later, Floyd was intentionally removed from the camera coverage area so the police could do injustice to him. Unfortunately for the police, Darnella Frazier who is an eye witness was filming the incident.

Derek Chauvin

The bystander’s video shows Floyd already pinned down by Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin, a white cop seen pressing his knee into the back of Floyd’s neck while he lies face-down in handcuffs. Ignoring pleas by bystanders asking him to remove his knee from Floyd’s neck, he kept pressing Floyd’s neck with his knee for minutes until he passed out.

Before passing out, Floyd could be heard telling police at least a dozen times that he can’t breathe and asking Chauvin to take his knee off his neck. Police later said that Chauvin had been the subject of 10 prior conduct complaints over his 19 years on the force but had never faced disciplinary action.

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