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Saudi husband divorced wife during wedding

In November, 2014, Saudi husband told his bride he wants a divorce during their wedding after seeing her face for the first time. He saw her face for the first time when she removed her veil after the photographer asked them to pose for pictures.

Saudi husband divorced wife during wedding

Saudi husband divorced wife during wedding

It turns out that neither the bride nor the groom had met face to face before their marriage ceremony. A custom that was normally adopted in the Middle Eastern countries.

Another Saudi husband has divorced his wife again during their marriage after seeing her face for the first time.

Although the said couple have met in the past but the wife had hijab on and the husband could only see her eyes.

Fact is the idea of forcing Muslim women to cover all parts of their bodies ought to be stopped or rather banned because it amounts to human right violation.

Saudi husband divorced wife during wedding

Saudi husband divorced wife after seeing her face

Some Muslims say it is in accordance with Islamic laws while others argue that it is a strict interpretation of Islam.

In another development, a Saudi man divorces wife after she didn’t reply to his WhatsApp message.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia is struggling to improve it’s bad image when it comes to women’s right as human beings.

Although it is often said that love is blind, but in the western world, it would be practically impossible for a man and a woman to get married when they’ve never seen each other’s faces.

On 12 December 2015, women were allowed to vote in Saudi Arabia for the 1st time.

This is a big victory for all women world wide. Hopefully, one day, the Muslim countries will put strict Islamic laws aside and treat women like human beings.

However, women are still faced with lots of restrictions in Saudi Arabia due to the uncompromising interpretations of Islam to the detriment of women welfare.

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