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Summary of Iran nuclear deal

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President Donald Trump has threatened not to certify the nuclear deal which was signed by the Obama administration in 2015. He claims that Tehran is not complying with the deal and said he might ultimately terminate it. He also said that:

Summary of Iran nuclear deal

Summary of Iran nuclear deal

“The Iran deal was one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the United States has ever entered into.”

Following Trump’s decision, Russia has said that aggression has no place in international diplomacy. The other countries or world leaders who co-signed the deal are not contented with Trump’s stand which seem to undermine their resolve.

The so-called Iran nuclear deal was signed by nations among which are Iran, U.S, Uk, Germany, France, Russia and China.

Below is a summary of US nuclear deal reached with Iran.

The agreement severely limited Iran’s ability to enrich uranium fuel and other activities necessary to make nuclear weapons. The agreement also provided verifiable assurances for the first time, which means Iran’s uranium activities could be monitored from time to time.

In return, the sanctions or penalties that had been imposed on Iran were rescinded or suspended. Lots of American sanctions as well as the European oil embargo that had weakened the Iranian economy were suspended.

1. President Obama: “All paths to nuclear weapons cut off” and that was the major aim of the deal.

2. Billions of dollars of Iranian assets to be unfrozen

3. Sanctions on Iran to be lifted.

4. Sanctions could be quickly re-instated if deal is violated. UN approval is no longer needed to re-enforce sanctions if need be.

5. Despite the fact that Israel called the deal a “Stunning historic mistake”, US and Iran accept and welcome the deal.

6. The US congress has 60 days to approve the deal. Should it be rejected by congress, president Obama has the power to veto it into effect.

7. Weapons inspectors to monitor site for decades.

8. Obama: Critics have no better alternative.

The question is can President Trump single-handedly cancel an agreement that was adopted unanimously by U.S and other world leaders?

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