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Why Anthony Joshua defeated Andy Ruiz

Anthony Joshua has won the re-match against Andy Ruiz AKA the “Destroyer” and collected back his title as the world heavyweight boxing champion. After the fight, former Klitschko manager, Bernd Bönte sharply criticized Ruiz, saying that Ruiz was disappointing, brought nothing to the ring and it was a one-sided fight. He added that Joshua had

Why Bill Cosby was actually found guilty in second trial

About an hour into the sixth day of deliberations in the first trial, Judge Steven O’Neill declared that the jury of seven men and five women were hopelessly deadlocked in a legal battle. In the second trial, Andrea Constand said Cosby gave her three blue pills at his home in suburban Philadelphia in January 2004

Why John Cena and Nikki Bella called off their wedding

Their fans were shocked as John Cena and Nikki Bella decided to end their relationship, call off their nuptials just weeks before their wedding date. Trying to calm the situation, Nikki made this known to her 7.1 million followers on Instagram in a tweet in which she wrote: “While this decision was a difficult one,

Why Jay-Z called Donald Trump a superbug

For a start, let’s say this is Jay-z VS Donald Trump (part one). While on The Van Jones Show, Jay-Z whose birth name is Shawn Carter, criticized the disparaging remarks President Trump made about African countries during an Oval Office meeting. He even referred to Trump as “a superbug.” According to J-Z “Somewhere along his

How Trump’s infidelity is affecting his wife Melania Trump

Shortly after the inauguration, the First Lady, Melania Trump, refused to hold hands with President Trump due to reasons best known to her. Now, she is trying to figure out how to deal with her husband’s affair. Despite the fact that Melania’s office had already announced that she would be in Davos to assist her

Van Jones kicks off his new show with Jay-Z as guest

CNN has launched a new show called “The Van Jones Show” and the first guest on the show was Jay-Z. Van Jones who is a commentator, political activist and Attorney has said that his show would welcome sports figures, musicians, actors and other entertainers. He also added that: “This is an opportunity to really reflect

The mystery about Donald Trump’s hairs finally revealed

Does Donald Trump really wear a toupée (a piece of artificial hair worn by a man to cover part of his head where there is no hair). New York Times once carried a front-page story in which it cited Ricardo Sanchez, a Hispanic radio show host in Los Angeles, who has even dubbed Mr Trump

Female celebrities new year resolutions for 2018

Most celebrities are scared of sharing their new year resolutions with the public for fear of being ridiculed, should they fail to adhere to the resolutions. Here are some of the female celebrities new year resolutions for 2018. Ivanka Trump – Ivanka Trump has tweeted her New Year’s resolution for 2018 and she told her

Davido and Wizkid settle supremacy rift on stage

Nigerian artists Davido and Wizkid finally settle their supremacy rift on stage. A rift that was never actually official between the two powerful Nigerian hip hop artistes. Most local newspapers say that both artistes reconciled during Wizkid’s concert. See video below the page. For so many years, lots of Nigerians have been longing to see

Why Monica Lewinsky scandal is back on the news

Let’s get it clear again. Ex-President Bill Clinton had an affair with Monica Lewinsky who was then the white house intern. Clinton was then impeached but he narrowly survived the impeachment and he was not removed as president. This infamous incident is often referred to as the “Monica Lewinsky scandal”. Monica Lewinsky is long fed

First daughters tell media to leave Malia Obama alone

Ivanka Trump, the present first daughter and Chelsea Clinton, the former first daughter of the United States of America have both asked the media to leave Malia Obama alone. They both decided to come to Malia’s defence after a video of Malia, Barack Obama’s eldest daughter, blowing smoke rings went viral on the internet a

The truth about Obama’s birth certificate

Donald Trump finally admitted that Barack Obama was born in The United States after 5 years of racist denials. He said he believes President Barack Obama was born in the United States. In his own words: “President Obama was born in the United States, period.” Trump added that “Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008

Latest about Harvey Weinstein scandal

Just like Bill Cosby, dozens of women have come forward with allegations of séxual misconduct against American film producer, Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein was terminated by the board of the Weinstein Company in light of the allegations and later resigned from the board of directors. Weinstein has also been expelled by the Academy of Motion Picture

Melania Trump fires back at Ivana Trump

Actually, a woman does not choose to become a First Lady because unlike the president or any other political post, a First Lady is neither nominated nor elected. It happens by chance if her husband becomes a president, just like Trump became a president in this case. The internet web is buzzing about the fight

Ivana Trump says she is First Lady of America

In an interview with ABC News’ Amy Robach which was primarily aimed at promoting her new memoir, Trump’s ex-wife, Ivana Trump says she is First Lady of America. She opened up in her new book titled ‘Raising Trump’. In the book she talked about her present relationship with Trump and says that she talks with

Chelsea Handler and her boobs exposure

Why did Chelsea Handler mimic Vladimir Putin riding a horse? Ok! I get it! EQUAL RIGHT! If men can expose their breasts in public, women should be allowed to expose theirs also. Right? Imagine someone who is an American comedian, actress, writer, television host and producer, exposing her breasts simply because she wants to mimic

Why Donald Trump is so scared of Barack Obama

No doubt President Trump has achieved a lot in life and he may have tweeted thousand times but his predecessor, ex-president Obama recently tweeted ‘The Most Liked Tweet’ ever. Of course this did not go well with Trump who also had issues with the simple fact that Obama’s inauguration crowd was larger than his. Trump

Why George Clooney wants to sue paparazzi

Although George and Amal Clooney have not yet released any official photos of their twins, but a French magazine known as Voici has suddenly released it. The magazine captioned the photo “Discover the first pictures of Ella and Alexander, the twins of George and Amal Clooney.” The photo which shows both parents each holding a

Why did Kim Kardashian actually get butt injections?

Yesterday, Life and Style reported that Kim Kardashian’s butt unfortunately deflated before Kanye West’s 40th birthday. In August 2016, Kim Kardashian finally admitted via Livestream that she got butt injections in the past, confirming what many have been speculating for years. She then went on and try to justify it by adding that it was

Brad Pitt finally apologizes to Jennifer Aniston

After over a decade, Brad Pitt finally apologizes to Jennifer Aniston and admits he was wrong. A move that made his fans wished he had admitted his mistakes and apologized before Aniston filed for divorce. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were married from 2000 to 2005 before Aniston filed for divorce. After their split, they

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