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JOKES TO SPICE UP YOUR DAY A compilation of 50 good jokes to spice up your day and make you happy. 01. GIRL: Very nice car. Where did you buy it? BOY: I won it in a race. GIRL: Waoo… How many people participated in the race. BOY: The car owner, the police and myself.

Funny couple or foolish couple – You decide

A couple (Tanner Broadwell,26, from Florida and Nikki Walsh, 24,) decided to sell all their possessions so they could sail around the world in their 28-foot sailboat. Now, they are left with nothing after their boat sank just two days into their journey. They started their journey from the marina in Tarpon Springs but about

A list of funny world news

A LIST OF FUNNY WORLD NEWS Wife seeks divorce over husband’s huge penis Husband bites off and eats his wife’s nose. Man and woman given 100 lashes In public for adultery Why Moroccan man died from suffocation inside suitcase Latest on women who claimed Bill Cosby raped them Funny drug smuggling methods Kenyan lawyer offers

Woman forced plane to land due to cheating husband

Yes, the heading sounds funny and the news is also a funny one. A Qatar Airways flight that was headed to Indonesia was forced to make an emergency landing in India after an Iranian woman discovered mid-flight that her husband was cheating on her. According to Hindustan Times, while her husband fell asleep, the unnamed

Why is Malenia refusing to hold hands with the president

Melania Trump seems to be having some issues with her husband, President Donald Trump. Since they’ve been on the foreign trip together, Melania has refused to hold hands with the president. She has been seen couple of times swatting or waving his hand away anytime he tries to hold hands with her. Whenever, the president

Indonesian villagers worship a mere doll

This is a very funny news. A fisherman named Pardin from Sulawesi in central Indonesia made an interesting discovery on one of his fishing trips. He found a s€x dolly in the river and did not recognize it to be a s€x toy which is sometimes used by men to have fun. He actually thought

Couple’s first sex lasted 2 seconds

MARRIED COUPLE SAID THEIR FIRST SEX LASTED JUST 2 SECONDS ‘I didn’t want to wait, and I’m glad I didn’t. It was worth it,’ says Amber, while Chris agrees that ‘the sex was really good’. He says it was ‘crazy’ that Amber and him ending up having sex the night they met, revealing that he

Kanye rejects job offer by Philly police

Kanye West still refused to join the police force and work as a police officer. West refused to honor the kind gesture of the local Philadelphia police department who photoshopped his face onto a photo of one of two officers in police uniform and thereafter shared it on social media. According to them, this was

Saudi Arabia now allows women to drive

We all know that Saudi Arabia is struggling to change it’s bad image because they are often criticised on social media, especially when it comes to the way they treat their women, such as not allowing their women to drive cars, forcing them to cover all parts of their bodies by wearing the so-called burqa,

How private sex life of couple became public

Private sex life of a Canadian couple became public after the role play during their sex session went totally wrong. The man identified as Jason and his partner Michelle decided to have special sex involving handcuffs during their vacation in California, USA. She was “a princess”, He was “a dragon”. The key to handcuffs was

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