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Pastor sprays insecticide on his congregants

Strange things happen in African churches. We once saw a Tanzania pastor who walks on church members. Now another pastor who goes by the name Lethebo Rabalago, of the Mount Zion General Assembly (MZGA), in Limpopo, South Africa, is spraying people with Doom insect repellent to heal them. One of the pastor’s online posts was

7 dead as love tragedy unfolds in South Africa

Seven people died as love tragedy unfolds in South Africa. It was a very heartbreaking scene in Koster, the North West farming town of Reagile in South Africa, as a woman’s ex-lover who could not bear the separation from the woman, sets fire on her house for ending their relationship. This led to the death

Apology demanded from S.A president

South Africa’s opposition party has accused President Jacob Zuma of insulting the nation’s women after he reportedly made comments interpreted as sexist. Zuma, who survived a vote of no confidence in Parliament last Tuesday, is reported to have made comments pertaining to sexual harassment while registering to vote in his hometown of Nkandla on Saturday.

Five children found dead in freezer

Five children between the ages of 3 to 7 were found dead in a freezer in Kakamas, South Africa. The police believe the children were playing inside the freezer which was switched off and they accidentally got locked up in it. They were later discovered by their grandmother. They are believed to have died of

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