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The mystery about Donald Trump’s hairs finally revealed

Does Donald Trump really wear a toupée (a piece of artificial hair worn by a man to cover part of his head where there is no hair). New York Times once carried a front-page story in which it cited Ricardo Sanchez, a Hispanic radio show host in Los Angeles, who has even dubbed Mr Trump “El Hombre del Peluquín” – the man with the wig.

The mystery of Donald Trump's hairs finally revealed

Trump has also appeared in talk shows and on stages and tried to convince the public that he does not wear a toupée (see video below this page) but some people still believe he does. However, Michael Wolff (64), the author of the book “Fire and Fury” has finally revealed the secret and mystery regarding President Trump’s hairs. According to Wolff, the first daughter, Ivanka Trump, (36) is said to have amused quite a few illustrious friends of hers with details about her father’s hairstyle.

She said that a small portion of the upper part of his skull is completely bald. Ivanka added that it is not noticed because Trump decided to undergo a scalp-reduction ­surgery. A surgery in which all ends of the scalp are drawn up as much as possible to meet at the center of the head. The hairs are then swept back and secured by a very strong stiffening spray.

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The orange blond color of the Presidential Hair is further described in the book. So the orange color is a consequence of the impatience of the president. According to Ivanka Trump (in fire and furry): “The color she adds for a comedic effect comes from a product called ‘Just For Men’ – the longer it is applied, the darker it gets.” Trump’s orange-blonde hair color is the result of his impatience.”

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