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Trump blames Obama for not preparing for coronavirus

it is very difficult for President Trump to leave former President Barack Obama in peace. He keeps spreading falsehood about Obama, and many people now see it as racism. Yesterday, Trump blamed Obama for leaving him with faulty and broken tests for coronavirus infections. He attacked the Obama administration for its lack of preparedness for the coronavirus pandemic, including inadequate testing which he claimed to have inherited from Obama.

Trump wrongly blames Obama again

Trump wrongly blames Obama again

The COVID-19 virus first appeared in humans late last year, almost three years after President Obama left office. Trump said: “The last administration left us nothing. We started off with bad, broken tests and obsolete tests.” “We have broken tests. We had tests that were obsolete. We had tests that didn’t take care of people.”

Trump cannot stop amazing us with his incessant falsehoods. The fact is Obama left office in 2017 and COVID-19 didn’t exist until December last year, so Obama couldn’t have developed any test to diagnose the new virus. The so-called broken coronavirus tests were developed in February during the Trump administration due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Joe Lockhart took to twitter to respond to Trump’s accusation by saying that “Obama responds to Trump saying he left tests for Covid-19 in the pandemic book even though the virus didn’t exist until three years after he left office. He said he left it in a briefing book on the resolute desk but didn’t realize Trump doesn’t read.“

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