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Trump cracking down on news media in the U.S

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It’s no news that President Donald Trump has been at loggerhead with some news media in the United States of America. He has repeatedly referred to some of them as ‘Fake News’ media.

Trump cracking down on news media in the U.S

Trump VS news media in the U.S

In a series of tweets, Trump denied a report by NBC News that he previously requested a tenfold increase to the U.S. nuclear arms supply, after seeing a slide which displays the reduction in American nuclear weaponry since the 1960s.

He tweeted: “NBC news is #FakeNews and more dishonest than even CNN. They are a disgrace to good reporting. No wonder their news ratings are way down!”

“Wow, so many Fake News stories today. No matter what I do or say, they will not write or speak truth. The Fake News Media is out of control!” – Trump

In the past, we’ve had instance in which Trump even refused to take question from a CNN journalist in a press briefing.

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This time around, Trump who presently has over 40 million followers on Twitter and has tweeted over 36 thousand times, has threatened to challenge some news media license. He wrote on twitter: “With all of the Fake News coming out of NBC and the Networks, at what point is it appropriate to challenge their License? Bad for country!” 

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