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Trump used Nazi Germany as example

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In his 1st press conference, It was either Donald Trump VS The intelligence community or it was Donald Trump VS the journalist. In fact, Trump sounded very bitter about the alleged fact that he got caught having an affair with a s€x worker while he was in Russia. Russian intelligence operatives reportedly secretly filmed Trump with the woman in hotel room. Trump denied it and said:

Trump used Nazi Germany as example

Trump used Nazi Germany as example

“That information that was false and fake and never happened, got released to the public”

When asked about the fact that Russia could have possible information about Donald Trump to hold over him, the president-elect called the intelligence community “Disgraceful” He said “I think it was disgraceful that the intelligent agencies allowed any informations that turned out to be so false and fake out” …He continued “I think it is a disgrace and that’s something that Nazi Germany would have done and did do”

Although Germany is yet to react to Trump’s statement, but it was very unfair for American president-to-be to have even used the terms “NAZI GERMANY” as example in his statement.

Most Americans who voted to elect Donald Trump should now be wondering if they actually did the right thing for voting him to be their next president. Well, he has been elected and Americans have to deal with his presidency and bear it.

When Trump was asked if anyone from his campaign team had any contact with Russia during the campaign, he said no.

In the very first question during the press briefing, Trump acknowledged the fact that it was Russia that hacked into the Democratic campaign. Meanwhile, it was the same Donald Trump who publicly asked Russia (during his campaign) to hack into Hillary Clinton’s server and dig out all the emails.

Trump refused to take question from CNN journalist because according to him, CNN was broadcasting what he called “fake news” and he described CNN as dishonest media. Trump has often referred to the media as dishonest and biased in a series of tweets on Twitter.

When asked if president Putin did the hacking in order to help Trump win the election, Trump replied that if Putin likes him, he considers it an asset and not a liability. He then went further to say:

“I don’t know that I’m gonna get along with Vladimir Putin, I hope I do. And if I don’t, do you honestly believe that Hillary would be tougher on Putin than me? Can anybody in this room really believe that? Give me a break!”

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