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Donald Trump backsliding from his promises

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President-elect Donald Trump now wants Americans to pay for building the border wall – Donald Trump said that the trade negotiations would take time, and that he supported the idea of using taxpayer money to begin construction of the border wall in order to speed up the process.

Trump now wants Americans to pay for building the wall

Trump wants Americans to pay for border wall

A move that has angered lots of Trump supporters because he is now being seen as the first president who is technically saying that he can not fulfill the promise he made to the American people during his campaign. He is deviating from his promise even when he has not yet been sworn in as president of the United States.

During the election campaign, Trump categorically said that building the wall would be one of his major priorities as a president, should he win the election and he added that he will make Mexican government pay for the project.

Former Mexican president Vicente Fox just replied Donald Trump on Twitter that neither himself nor Mexico are going to pay for the “racist monument wall” Trump is planning to build. He asked Trump to be clear to the American people and tell them the truth that they, the American taxpayers will pay for the intended wall.

Outgoing president, Barack Obama once said that Donald Trump has never done anything to help the poor masses and that he could not imagine how he (Trump) is suddenly going to become a “champion of the poor”.

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Before the presidential election was held, upon hearing that Trump plans to build a huge wall between United States and Mexico, the Pope immediately advised that we should be building bridges instead of building walls which serve as symbols of division among mankind.

The building of the wall between U.S and Mexico is intended tö keep out unauthorized immigrants from entering the United States.

During the campaign, Trump also promised to completely repeal The Affordable Care Act, popularly known as “ObamaCare”. But after winning the election, Trump told reporters that he would keep part of ObamaCare. Why is the president-elect backing off from his promises?

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