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Vanity Wonder VS Pebbelz Da Model

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Initially, both Vanity Wonder (author of shot girls) and Natasha Stewart publicly known as Pebbelz Da Model had about the same booty size and one could hardly tell the difference but with time, Pebbelz added more weight as can be seen in her photo here and her butt exploded. Vanity wonder on the other hand remains slim and thereby has what is generally referred to as “Big azz Small waist” which gives her an edge and more eye candy stature over Pebbelz da Model. Some say Pebbelz is now out of shape.

Pebbelz Da Model was charged with manslaughter for helping her insecure girlfriend Karima Gordon (37) to get butt enhancement silicone injections just like she did herself. The nurse Morris Garner, (52) turned out to be fake and Karima died at a Georgia hospital on 24 March 2012.

One is astonished by the rate at which men are interested in big booty women. Why are men (especially black men) crazy about girls or women having big round behind? Men always gawk whenever they see any bootylicious babe. White women don’t normally have big butt. In most cases white women having big butt are being celebrated. Examples are Coco Austin, reality star Kim Kardashian, and some other lucky ones. Nowadays, some girls don’t want to know if there is any risk involved in butt enhancement or not, they are ready to do anything possible to enlarge their booties.

In a press interview with Vanity Wonder, she appears to be a decent person who cares a lot about her kids. She said in the interview that she was making appointments for the woman who does the butt enhancement for women and she almost got into trouble when a 70 years old woman got sick after getting the injections. I am just wondering why a 70-yr-old woman would still want to have her butt enlarged.

Pebbelz da model seem to talk very bad about black men in her interview and she often uses the ‘N’ word to describe them. Still she hangs out a lot with black men and it seems she can not do without them. Anyway, such is life! Pebbelz, if you’re reading this, pls change your attitude towards your fellow brothers and show some love. Otherwise, they’ll hate you back. See their videos below.

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