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Why Donald Trump is so scared of Barack Obama

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No doubt President Trump has achieved a lot in life and he may have tweeted thousand times but his predecessor, ex-president Obama recently tweeted ‘The Most Liked Tweet’ ever. Of course this did not go well with Trump who also had issues with the simple fact that Obama’s inauguration crowd was larger than his.

Why Donald Trump is so scared of Barack Obama

Why Donald Trump is so scared of Barack Obama

Trump has repeatedly tried to repeal and replace ObamaCare but he could not really get the job done because he has no better alternative for the American people.

After winning two presidential elections and having ruled the United States of America for 8 years, Obama has proved that he is a good politician. Given the fact that Obama is now planning a ‘come back’ to politics, President Trump is scared because he knows what his predecessor is capable of doing when it comes to politics.

Trump has often tried to bring down Obama but he did not succeed in doing so. For instance, in the past, he questions the fact that Obama is American. After Obama left office and Trump took over, Trump intentionally made a false allegation against Obama by wrongly accusing Obama of wiretapping him.

The U.S. State Department later admitted in a written letter to the top lawmakers on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, that there is no evidence whatsoever that Obama actually ordered Trump Tower to be wiretapped.

Trump is so scared of Obama that he likes publicizing anything that speaks against Obama. He retweeted a message from former U.S. ambassador John Bolton saying that “our country & civilians are vulnerable today because @BarackObama did not believe in national missile defense.”

Trump did not stop at that, he recently shared a fake poll which says that he (Trump) is better than Obama. As Hillary Clinton rightly said, instead of amending the errors in Obamacare and making the health care very great, Trump is struggling to see that he completely eradicates Obama’s legacy.

The question remains – What is Trump going to gain or of what benefit will it be for the American people if Obamacare that is already being enjoyed by millions of Americans is repealed?

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