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Why is Malenia refusing to hold hands with the president

Melania Trump seems to be having some issues with her husband, President Donald Trump. Since they’ve been on the foreign trip together, Melania has refused to hold hands with the president. She has been seen couple of times swatting or waving his hand away anytime he tries to hold hands with her.

Melania Trump Hand Swat

Melania Trump Hand Swat

Whenever, the president looks around and sees other couple holding hands, he tries to do the same with his wife but Melania often turns down his request by either slapping his hand away or moving hers away. What an embarrassing moment for POTUS and FLOTUS.

For the second day in a row, Melania Trump publicly snubbed President Trump when he tried to hold her hand upon arriving new countries. She did it upon arrival in Israel and now again in Rome. What a shame on them! Melania Trump hand swat will soon be trending on social media. See their video below.

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Whatever the case may be, if the President and First Lady are having issues, it is better to resolve the issues between themselves before embarking on such an important trip, instead of getting themselves involved in such embarrassing moments. Some people even see it as scandal.


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