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Why John Cena and Nikki Bella called off their wedding

Their fans were shocked as John Cena and Nikki Bella decided to end their relationship, call off their nuptials just weeks before their wedding date. Trying to calm the situation, Nikki made this known to her 7.1 million followers on Instagram in a tweet in which she wrote: “While this decision was a difficult one, we continue to have a great deal of love and respect for one another.” The couple, who had been together for six years, said in a statement tweeted out by Bella. “We ask that you respect our privacy during this time in our lives.” Not long ago, John Cena who is now 40, told PEOPLE about how he already felt married to the 34-year-old Nikki Bella.

Why John Cena and Nikki Bella called off their wedding

Cena proposes to Bella

For now, the duo are somehow silent about the main reason why they decided to call off their wedding plans and end their relationship. According to analysts, fact is contrary to what Bella said in her tweet, when two people who are in love with each other decide to separate just weeks before their wedding, they can not continue to have great deal of love and respect for one another. On his Instagram, Cena wrote: “We were together. I forget the rest.”

However, Cena has admitted that he could not give Bella the type of life she wanted. He said “I have made it [WWE] my absolute life. I tried marriage once, I realized my WWE marriage was the one that was going to survive.” Daily Express reports. An insider who is familiar with the duo told HollywoodLife.com that Cena was not ready to have children and for Bella, time was running out as she is already 34 and she needs to have kids now. There were also a handful of other things that they couldn’t agree on. Therefore, it was better to call off the wedding instead of struggling through bad marriage that will ultimately end up in a bitter divorce. Many believe that as time goes on, other reasons responsible for their sudden breakup will be revealed.

John Cena also explained in an interview that due to their busy schedules, there were times they didn’t see each other for months. It is sad to see them go their separate ways. We at 161718.info sincerely hope that Cena and Bella find the happiness they both deserve.

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  • Anna says:

    Why did John Cena even need to propose to her before thousands of people when he knew from the beginning that he was not ready to have kids?

  • Aramunde says:

    It seems most relationships involving celebrities are characterized with unhappiness hence they have a lot of breakups and divorces. Brad Pitt separated from Jennifer Aniston and married Angelina Jolie but they ended up divorcing again.

    meanwhile, Jennifer Aniston hooked up with and married Justin Theroux but their marriage hits the rocks also and they separated in no time.

  • Benson says:

    John Cena messes up the whole thing. He knew from the beginning that he could not give Nikki what she wants. Why waste her time?

  • Mary says:

    The question is why is John Cena scared of having children. Nicole wants to have kids and Cena says no.

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