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Why Monica Lewinsky scandal is back on the news

Let’s get it clear again. Ex-President Bill Clinton had an affair with Monica Lewinsky who was then the white house intern. Clinton was then impeached but he narrowly survived the impeachment and he was not removed as president.

Why Monica Lewinsky scandal is back on the news

Monica Lewinsky scandal

This infamous incident is often referred to as the “Monica Lewinsky scandal”. Monica Lewinsky is long fed up with former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment being called “The Monica Lewinsky scandal.”

The TV network HLN announced it would be revisiting the investigation in a two-part special about what really happened and it made mention of the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

This did not sit well with Lewinsky who took to Twitter to suggest a better title for the new show. Lewinsky decided to cross out Monica Lewinsky scandal line and replaced it with “The Clinton impeachment or the Starr investigation. She added the caption “fixed it for you. you’re welcome.”

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