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Why Republicans stormed impeachment proceedings

Dozens of House Republican lawmakers stormed the secure facility inside the closed-door hearing where impeachment investigators were deposing witnesses. Democrats said the Republican lawmakers who stormed the facility violated House deposition rules and they also compromised national security because first of all, they had no right to be there and secondly, they brought electronics such as cell phones into the secure area where electronics are not allowed.

Republicans stormed impeachment proceedings

Republicans stormed proceedings

It is widely believed that the GOP’s action was largely based on disrupting the impeachment proceedings because they could hardly bear the fact that new incriminating shreds of evidence against President Trump were being revealed. They claimed they entered to protest its secrecy. However, they only succeeded in delaying the impeachment proceedings for some hours. It is not clear if Trump was behind their actions.

Longstanding rules say that witnesses are supposed to be interviewed in a classified setting. Democrats say they will hold open hearings once their initial investigation is done. 12 of the 30 House Republicans who stormed the closed-door impeachment hearing in protest already had permission to attend the meetings.

The impeachment inquiry came about because Trump wanted to play a fast one on Joe Biden by withholding $40M which was approved to be given to Ukrain as military aid unless Ukraine investigates Joe Biden but the phone call in which it was discussed backfired against him.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, who is running the proceedings said public hearings will take place and transcripts will be released at some point.

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