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Woman experiences sexual harassment on a bus

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According to Nathalie Gordon‏, men will never understand what it’s like to be a woman. She made this assertion due to her sad experience on a bus. She first reported the incident to the bus driver but she was more saddened by the driver’s response. She related her experience on Twitter and started by saying: “Let me tell you a story about why men will never understand what it’s like to be female.”

Woman experiences harassment from a man in a bus

Nathalie Gordon

She added that she has filed a report with the British Transit Police and it was being taken seriously. She equally encourages any woman who has experienced similar harassment to come forward and report it to the police. Meanwhile, she has got a lot of reactions on Twitter. Below is the story she related on Twitter. Her Twitter handle is @awlilnatty.

“Let me tell you a story about why men will never understand what it’s like to be female.

I was just on the bus on my way to a meeting. A man taps on my knee. I’m listening to music so take my ear phones out.

He asks me where the bus is going. I tell him what the next station is. He asks me where I’m going.

I’m polite and tell him I’m going to a meeting. He then asks if I want to go for a drink.

In that moment I instantly became worried. Again I am polite and say ‘no thank you’. I go to put my earphones back in.

He pulls them from my hand and says ‘don’t be rude’. I say ‘Sorry’. I don’t know what to do, I don’t want to provoke him.

I look out the window but out the corner of my eye I see he is staring at me and has started to rub his crotch.

I’m horrified and turn to ask him to stop doing it. He laughs at me. I get up and go to the bus driver.

I tell him that a man is rubbing himself on the bus. The driver, a man, says ‘he probably isn’t- sit somewhere else’.

I say ‘the man just asked me for a drink and when I said no started to rub himself’. The driver says, ‘what do you expect me to do?’

I say ‘remove him from the bus, call the police- I don’t care’. The driver then says to me, ‘you’re a pretty girl, what do you expect?’

You know what I expect, fkn… respect for women no matter who they are or what they look like or what they’re wearing.

What I expect is to feel safe on the bus, the street, my house or anywhere I choose to go.

What I expect is to live in a world where it doesn’t matter what I look like- when I f..king say no, I f..king mean no.

What I expect is to stop feeling so alone and scared. No man will know what this feels like which is why so many will choose not to care.”

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