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Women looking for men

Talking about women looking for men, we shall be deliberating more on computer dating which is better or popularly known as internet dating. A very good dating site should not be cryptic and it should offer at least email contact to the dating site provider. Internet dating sites owners should empathize with the site users and visitors.  A ludicrous looking dating site is certainly not what those who are into free internet datings want to see.

Women Looking For Men

Beautiful coded babe

 A good dating site should be pertinent to the heading or keywords as the case may be. There are lots of internet dating sites today ranging from free datings to dating in the dark.

Dating in the dark was started in the Netherlands in a show in which 3 single men and 3 single women were put in a bit dark house (where they were not visible to the human eyes) and they were asked to talk with each other and form bonds in total darkness. It was like…Wooo! Where are we heading to.

As more people get use to the computer and internet, they also get use to internet dating. The rise of sophisticated phone and computer systems rapidly enhances the spread of internet dating all over the world. Thus internet dating is one of the largest dating system in the world today.

The advent of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc makes it easier for people to interact with each other. Therefore, suffix it to say that nothing on earth is stopping online dating services and systems from becoming more prevalent worldwide.

Video dating is also a form of internet dating in which virtual live dating services are involved. This form of dating is not very popular due to the risk involved in it. Another reason why more people are turning to online dating is due to the fact that it is much easier to carefully plan out what you type rather than what you say.

Before we move further, let us name some of the countries in which dating in the dark was very successful. Dating in the dark in the Netherlands was called “Daten In het Donker”. The show was later successfully featured in other countries among which are:

Netherlands —- (Daten In het Donker) Australia —- (Dating in the Dark Australia)
Brazil —- (Romance no Escuro)
Germany —- (Dating im Dunkeln)
Italy —- (Appuntamento al buio)
United Kingdom —- (Dating in the Dark)
United States —- (Dating in the Dark) etc.

Now let us examine Google groups, Yahoo groups, free datings and making friends online as suggested by the sub title. We will also compare Yahoo groups with some other groups such as Google groups, Facebook groups, etc.

After the acquisition of eGroups.com in 2005, Yahoo merged eGroups with Yahoo clubs and gave it a new name “Yahoo Groups”. Towards the end of 2013, Yahoo decided to change it’s groups format. Lots of Google groups and Yahoo groups are being created every day.

There are similarities and differences between Google groups and Yahoo groups. The owner of both groups can decide whether his or her groups are moderated or not. In case of the moderated groups, the group owner appoints some of the members to be the moderators. Group moderators are saddled with duties such as inviting new members to join the group, approving new members application to join, approving pending messages and photos as the case may be, updating group activities, etc. In all internet groups, group messages can be posted and read through emails.

It is not necessary to register with Google or Yahoo in order to participate in their groups mailing list. The basic mailing list functionality is available to any e-mail address, but Google ID or Yahoo ID is required to access some other features. In case of Google, one need to have a Gmail account while Yahoo requires a Yahoo ID.

There are also message archive, polls for members to vote on different issues, events announcements or reminders (which was formally called calendar), files, photos and database functions. Upon creation, each group is accorded a web address and an email address and all groups can be listed in one of the Yahoo groups directory categories but this is optional to the group owner.

If a group is listed in the Yahoo groups directory, it can then be found via a Yahoo groups search. Just like Yahoo acquired eGroups.com, Google also acquired Deja’s usenest archive which enhances Google groups when it came into existence in 2001. Google groups were once blocked in Turkey by the Turkish Government in the middle of 2008 because it was alleged that it contains stuffs or materials which allegedly offended Islam. However, we all know that Google is a great company and that the issue had no meaningful effect on Google groups which are loved by so many people across the globe.

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