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Mali police storm jail to free detained commander

Oumar Samake, the commander of the Special Anti-Terrorist Forces was jailed for killing 14 anti-government protesters in July 2020. Prison guards were reportedly forced to step aside as Commander Samake was released from jail by members of his squad. The special force unit was trained by both the EU and the US to help in

Racism at it’s highest peak in USA

You may have been asking yourself the question, “what did George Floyd do?” George Floyd (46), a bouncer who lost his job due to the outbreak of coronavirus, reportedly passed a bogus $20 bill at a deli after buying groceries. This was followed by a routine police call by the workers in the shop. While

Joe Biden replies to Tara Reade’s allegation against him

Joe Biden has publicly addressed the allegations against him for the first time. Biden allegedly pushed Tara Reade against the wall 27 years ago, pulled up her skirt, and penetrated her with his fingers. Reade alleged that the incident happened while she was a staff assistant in Biden’s senate office in 1993. She also claimed

What next after Trump is impeached by the House

President Donald Trump has been impeached in a historic vote by the House of Representatives. He will now face impeachment trial in the Senate. Therefore, Trump became the third president to be impeached by the House in American history, after President Andrew Johnson in 1868 and President Bill Clinton in 1998. President Richard Nixon resigned

Live-in nanny had a child for 11-yr-old boy

Marissa Mowry, a nanny in Florida, U.S, who was pregnant for 11-yr-old boy got sentenced to 20 years in prison after she delivered a baby for the boy. In other words, Marissa was his live-in nanny and gave birth to his son. Tampa Bay Times reported that the victim, now 17 and a father, sat

300 boys and men chained and maltreated in Nigeria

In a compound In Kaduna, Nigeria, where a sign over the gate, topped with rolls of barbed wire, read: “Imam Ahmad Bun Hambal Centre for Islamic studies”, 300 men and boys were chained to large metal wheels and other heavy materials. It was reported that Muslim clerics were behind the so-called infamous act. Others were

Trump’s phone conversation with Ukrainian president

The memorandom of telephone conversation between President Donald Trump and President Zelenskyy of Ukraine has been released. It was declassified by order of President Trump in a bid to save the impeachment proceeding which is about to be launched against him. According to a transcript of the conversation released by the White House, Trump repeatedly

Why Bill Cosby was actually found guilty in second trial

About an hour into the sixth day of deliberations in the first trial, Judge Steven O’Neill declared that the jury of seven men and five women were hopelessly deadlocked in a legal battle. In the second trial, Andrea Constand said Cosby gave her three blue pills at his home in suburban Philadelphia in January 2004

Another female teacher did it again with her 14-yr-old pupil

Dori Myers, a 29-yr-old female teacher who taught social studies at The New School for Leadership and the Arts in New York, has been arrested for putting her 14-yr-old student’s pole in her mouth and playing with it. We guess you know what we are talking about. Prosecutors say Myers did not leave to the

$90,000 reward for anyone with information about Zainab’s killer

It may have sparked an outrage in Pakistan and world wide on social media with the #JusticeForZainab, those who abused and murdered Zainab are still at large. Zainab’s dead body was found in a rubbish dump four days after she was declared missing. Her father, Ameen Ansari, told BBC that as far as he is

Man and woman given 100 lashes in public for adultery

Afghanistan is one of the countries in which one does not wish to be a woman. A strict interpretation of Sharia law which includes public lashings and executions are still being carried out by the Taliban. A video footage shows an Afghan man and woman found guilty of adultery and were given 100 lashes in

Ten most read topics in the news

The world is nothing without events. Different activities and incidents occur on daily basis. Let’s have a look at ten of our ‘most read topics’ in the news. These topics are arranged alphabetically for your convenience. QUICK NEWS – Summary of latest world news. 1. Celebrities news: This can be seen in Celebrities Archive as

Wife of Nigerian doctor in U.S arrested for making love with her student

Jennifer Danielle Olajire-Aro, 27, a married woman who is a teacher in South Carolina, United States, has been arrested and charged with making love with her teen student. Jennifer is married to Olajire-Aro, a Nigerian who is listed as a general surgery doctor in South Carolina. It was the 17-yr-old victim who reportedly confessed the

Teacher who played p-video for kids is still teaching

Shawn Cier, then 34, a teacher whose photo appeared on June 20, 2009, on the cover of the Trentonian newspaper because according to police, he played p-video for his pupils, is surprisingly still working as a teacher in another school. According to police documents and interviews with former school officials, over the past decade, Cier

Why Republicans are so scared of the Russia investigation

The republicans are so scared of the Russia investigation because it will be very disastrous for the Republican party and it could also pave way for the impeachment of President Donald Trump who is a Republican. Robert Mueller was appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to take over the federal investigation of Russian meddling

Latest about Harvey Weinstein scandal

Just like Bill Cosby, dozens of women have come forward with allegations of séxual misconduct against American film producer, Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein was terminated by the board of the Weinstein Company in light of the allegations and later resigned from the board of directors. Weinstein has also been expelled by the Academy of Motion Picture

Girl put outside for not drinking milk is still missing

Police say they are still searching for Sherin Mathews, a 3-yr-old girl who disappeared after she was left outside of her home in Richardson, Dallas, in the night around 3 a.m by her father, as a punishment for not drinking her milk. Now that she has disappeared, her father who has been identified as Wesley

Las Vegas shooter’s girlfriend finally broke her silence

Las Vegas shooter’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley, has finally broken her silence and said in a statement that she ha not made any statement until now because she has been cooperating with the authorities. She told FBI that Mr Paddock had sent her on a trip of all trips overseas, and then wired her $100,000. She

Is Las Vegas shooter’s girlfriend an accomplice?

Las Vegas shooter’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley, has returned to the United States. She travelled to her home country, Philippines, but she has Australian passport. Law enforcement agents are trying to figure out if she has something to do with the recent Las Vegas massacre. Upon landing at Los Angeles International Airport, Danley who is 62-year-old,

Another female teacher made love with her teen student

Recently, a female teacher was arrested after it became known that she had a secret baby with her teen student whom she started grooming as he was 14 years old. Another middle school PE teacher has been arrested for making love with her 15-year-old student. According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the female teacher