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Ten most read topics in the news.    Comments on How to make America great again.

Ten most read topics in the news

The world is nothing without events. Different activities and incidents occur on daily basis. Let’s have a look at ten of our ‘most read topics’ in the news. These topics are arranged alphabetically for your convenience. QUICK NEWS – Summary of latest world news. 1. Celebrities news: This can be seen in Celebrities Archive as

Putin vows retaliation for US actions against Russian media

While in Vietnam, President Vladimir Putin vowed that Russia will retaliate for what he calls attacks on Russian media in the United States. Putin added that “attacking our media in the United States is an attack on freedom of speech, without any doubt.” RT chief editor Margarita Simonyan said U.S. officials had ordered the channel

Summary of Iran nuclear deal

President Donald Trump has threatened not to certify the nuclear deal which was signed by the Obama administration in 2015. He claims that Tehran is not complying with the deal and said he might ultimately terminate it. He also said that: “The Iran deal was one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the United

Donald Trump’s grandfather once begged not to be deported

When Donald Trump’s German grandfather who was born in the village of Kallstadt, in the Rhineland region in west Germany in 1869, was ordered by a royal decree to leave Germany and never return, he wrote a letter pleading the prince regent of Bavaria (Bayern) not to deport him. After having emigrated to the United

Germany rejects Trump’s claim it owes NATO and U.S.

Barely a day after the German chancellor, Angela Merkel visited the White House, president Donald Trump accuses Germany of owing NATO and U.S vast sums of money for defense. Trump took to Twitter to say that: “owes vast sums of money to NATO & the United States must be paid more for the powerful, and

France president fires back at U.S president

In the past, President Donald Trump said that NATO was obsolete. He also threw jabs at the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, by saying that Merkel’s allowing refugees from Syria into Germany was a very bad move. Trump also praised Britain’s plan to leave the European Union (Brexit) and predicted that many countries would follow after

Why Euro currency could collapse very soon

Euro ‘could fail’, says man tipped as US ambassador to EU – By Kamal Ahmed, Economics editor. The man tipped to be Donald Trump’s ambassador to the European Union has told the BBC the single currency “could collapse” in the next 18 months Professor Ted Malloch said he would “short the euro” – taking a

Donald Trump VS The Whole World

Donald J. Trump, the U.S. president-elect has taken his fight with others across the border. Recently, Trump described the United Nation as nothing more than “a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time.” Back home in the U.S., over 30 democratic eminent personalities have decided to boycott Trump’s inauguration. In

Latest on Turkey nightclub attack

An attacker stormed a nightclub in Turkey and started shooting randomly at people celebrating the new year. 39 people were killed inside the Reina nightclub and lots of others seriously wounded. The attacker was caught on camera pointing his gun as he approached the club. About 600 people were believed to be inside the club

Kim Kardashian kidnapped in France

Was Kim Kardashian really kidnapped in Paris? The fact that Kim Kardashian is very active on all social media platforms relatively makes it very easy to keep track of her movements in real time. Kim was allegedly robbed in her hotel room. The so-called hotel is popularly known as “No Address Hotel”. Kim was in

Paris restaurant refuses to serve Muslim women

A restaurant in Paris has refused to serve Muslim women. This action has sparked anger in France and the Muslims are calling for public protest and action against the restaurant. In the video, widely shared on social media, the man at the restaurant could be seen telling the hijab-wearing women that: “Terrorists are Muslims and

Rampage shooting in Munich, Germany

There was a rampage shooting at McDonald in a Munich shopping centre in Germany. Although eyewitness claimed to have seen at least 3 men with guns at the scene but German police have said in a police briefing that there appears to be only one gunman who acted alone and thereafter killed himself. Nine people

Latest on the coup in Turkey

It has been revealed that the coup attempt in Turkey was not a bloodless one as previously reported by some news media. The prime minister has announced that 20 coup plotters have been killed by the Government and that the situation is now largely under control. According to BBC, at least 161 people died and

Deadly train collision in Italy

There has been a deadly train collision in Italy and the number of deaths in the crash is speculated to be over 25. The collision happened in good weather at 11:30 local time (09:30 GMT) in the southern region of Puglia. According to officials, the trains were on a single-track line between the towns of

Britain has pulled out of European Union

Britain has voted to leave the European Union (EU). The decision of Britain to withdraw from being member of the EU was not without consequences. Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron announced his plans to step down prior to the vote in favor or Brexit. Cameron who is a staunch supporter of Britain remaining a member

Prince William appears on gay magazine cover

Prince William has appeared on the cover of the U.K. gay magazine, “Attitude” to speak out against bullying people because of their sexuality. The prince called on young people being bullied for their sexuality to seek help. In his own words: “No one should be bullied for their sexuality or any other reason and no

Italian woman burned alive by ex-boyfriend

A Rome university student was burned alive by her jealous ex-boyfriend after she left him. According to Maria Monteleone who is the prosecutor, the woman identified as Sara Di Pietrantonio, 22, died before dawn on Sunday after Vincenzo Paduano, 27, set her car ablaze. It was gathered that Paduano could not bear the separation from

German opposition leader attacked with cake

A German opposition leader, Sahra Wgenknecht, has been attacked with cake over migrants issue. The cake which eventually covered her face with cream was thrown at her during a party congress in Magdeburg, Germany. She was attacked by an activist for her infamous statements that “not all refugees can come to Germany”. In 2002, Germany’s

How Kim Kardashian tries to steal the show in London

How Kim Kardashian tries to steal the show in London – While other celebrities in attendance were well dressed, Kim Kardashian tries to steal the show in a see through dress (which gave the impression that she had absolutely nothing on underneath) at the Vogue 100 gala dinner in London. Is she revealing too much

Islam forbids women shaking hands with men

Two Syrian Muslim boys refused to shake hands with their female teachers, claiming that Islam forbids male shaking hands with or having any physical contact with females who are not from the same family with them. This has led to Swiss Government halting their application for citizenship. Does it mean that Islamic norms often contradict