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Stepping up against racial injustice in the USA

When President Donald Trump called the National Football League (NFL) players who knelt during National Anthem “traitors,” Some NFL fans were nodding their heads in support for Trump. Now, Frank Michael Reich who is American football head coach of the Indianapolis Colts kneels during anthem as a protest against white privilege and systemic racism in

Racism at it’s highest peak in USA

You may have been asking yourself the question, “what did George Floyd do?” George Floyd (46), a bouncer who lost his job due to the outbreak of coronavirus, reportedly passed a bogus $20 bill at a deli after buying groceries. This was followed by a routine police call by the workers in the shop. While

Fake Jesus Christ story in Kenya debunked

The story about a white man who reportedly claimed to be Jesus in a bid to extort money from Kenyans and secure a seat for them in heaven has been debunked and is fake. The said white man was reportedly later arrested along with 2 pastors who empowered him, one from Kenya and the other

Nigerian youths fire back at their president

After President Buhari described the Nigerian youths, in his speech at the Commonwealth Business Forum in Westminster, as “wanting to sit down and do nothing“, thereby sparking #LazyNigerianYouths, the Nigerian youths would not let such a derogatory description sit on them. Therefore, they took to social media to fire back at their president. It seems

Ten most read topics in the news

The world is nothing without events. Different activities and incidents occur on daily basis. Let’s have a look at ten of our ‘most read topics’ in the news. These topics are arranged alphabetically for your convenience. QUICK NEWS – Summary of latest world news. 1. Celebrities news: This can be seen in Celebrities Archive as

A thorough look at U.S. national anthem protests

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, started the kneeling movement in 2016 to protest racial injustice in America. Recently, instead of standing, a handful of the National Football League (NFL) players knelt down during national anthem to protest several issues in the country. The major aim of the protest was the racial injustice in

Obama’s tweet is the most liked tweet in history

Former president Barack Obama’s Charlottesville message on Twitter has become the most-liked tweet ever in just three days. In the tweet, Obama quoted the late South African President, Nelson Mandela, following the violent clashes and domestic terror attack after white supremacists descended on Charlottesville, Virginia, and their rally left one woman dead and 20 others

Why George Clooney wants to sue paparazzi

Although George and Amal Clooney have not yet released any official photos of their twins, but a French magazine known as Voici has suddenly released it. The magazine captioned the photo “Discover the first pictures of Ella and Alexander, the twins of George and Amal Clooney.” The photo which shows both parents each holding a

The Mets scandal photo hits the internet

After the Mets (American professional baseball team) completed an 8-7 win against the Marlins at Citi Field, they decided to carry out their usual tradition of showing the player of the game wearing his crown in the clubhouse. In this case, the player was T.J. Rivera. The photo that was displayed was taken in front

Officer in haircut-scandal refuses to apologize

The Nigeria road safety commander, identified as Andrew Kumapayi, who foolishly cuts the hairs of female employees instead of asking the women to cut their hairs before coming to work or sending them home, should they refuse to do so, has refused to apologize. According to Kumapayi, the haircut was a punishment as well as

The richest people on earth and their net worth

Below is a list of the world’s 100 richest people according to Forbes. Rank Name Net Worth Age Source Country of Citizenship #1 Bill Gates $86 B 61 Microsoft United States #2 Warren Buffett $75.6 B 86 Berkshire Hathaway United States #3 Jeff Bezos $72.8 B 53 United States #4 Amancio Ortega $71.3 B

Beyonce pregnant with twins

Beyonce Knowles broke the news of her pregnancy open to her fans on social media by posting some of her pregnant photos. On her website, the crazy in love singer writes “We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will

Obamas welcome incoming president and first lady – PHOTOS

Our News In Pictures features the Obamas welcoming the incoming president and first lady (Donald Trump and Melania Trump) to the white house before the swearing-in ceremony of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States of America. Melania could be seen holding a gift which they brought along for the out-going president

Why did CNN’s Kayleigh McEnany go without pants?

Kayleigh McEnany is a television personality despite the fact that she is not into music neither is she into acting. After graduating from Georgetown University, McEnany worked as a producer for Mike Huckabee’s TV show. She has also interned for several politicians among which are Tom Gallagher, Adam Putnam, and even the ex-U.S President, George

Almost 200 died as church collapsed in Nigeria

A church building has collapsed in Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom State in in Nigeria, leaving at almost 200 people dead. The building was said to be filled up of worshippers due to a ceremony in which a pastor was being ordained as a bishop. Report has it that the Reigners Bible Church was

Pastor sprays insecticide on his congregants

Strange things happen in African churches. We once saw a Tanzania pastor who walks on church members. Now another pastor who goes by the name Lethebo Rabalago, of the Mount Zion General Assembly (MZGA), in Limpopo, South Africa, is spraying people with Doom insect repellent to heal them. One of the pastor’s online posts was

Iggy Azalea before and after plastic surgery

Iggy Azalea who is still in her twenties proudly admitted to Vogue magazine that she had breast implants done sometime ago to enlarge her boobs. This is often the case with most of the female celebrities. However, there is a major part of Iggy’s body that made her even more famous than her music and